About The Journal

The Journal

The Journal of The Royal Society of Western Australia is a peer-reviewed open-access journal without publication charges, that publishes original scientific research and reviews with an emphasis on local science.

The Journal has a broad-ranging scope that covers any branch of the natural and physical sciences as well as anthropology and archaeology. It publishes research papers, review articles, short notes and letters of relevance to Western Australian scientists, although the research need not necessarily have been conducted in this State. Special issues with collected papers on a selected topic within the scope of the Journal are occasionally published. The Journal will consider overviews of any subject in the natural or physical sciences with the general membership of the Society in mind, and analyses of topical controversial issues in Western Australia. Prospective authors of such papers should consult the Honorary Editor-in-Chief for further advice.

The Journal is published each year, is freely accessible, and is used by many institutions and societies in Australia and overseas. After Vol 98-2 in December 2015, the Journal is no longer printed. The RSWA Library holds copies of all printed Journals from 1899 to 2015.

The Museum of Victoria has digitised many of the Journals from 1899 which are now freely available online via The Biodiversity Heritage Library, which provides free access to digitised biological literature through a global consortium of contributing libraries and affiliated literature digitisation projects.