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Banksia Woodlands Symposium 1989 (Volume 71, Part 4, 1989)

The concept of holding a symposium on Banksia woodlands was the brainchild of the late Dr Jenny Arnold, to whom the symposium and published volume (Volume 71, Part 4, 1989) was dedicated. In 1987, she approached the Royal Society of Western Australia as a possible host society for the Symposium, the Council of the Society agreed whole-heartedly, and, with Jenny as convenor, the program was generated.
It was always Jenny's belief, now shared by many of us, that ecosystems close to the metropolitan area are being so rapidly depleted and degraded that some form of widescale publicity was immediately required to evaluate their current state, and suggest how future management might be implemented within the inevitable contect of multi-purpose usage by a range of public bodies and interests. Having focussed previously on wetland habitats and to a certain extent on the virtually extinct tuart forest ecosystem, the Banksia woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain seemed a highly appropriate topic for reasoned scientific evaluation and debate.
This is essentially what took place at the symposium, and this volume is recommended enthusiastically as a focus of the current knowledge, and, hopefully, a basis on which future management strategies might be considered.