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1 78 1   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1995)
1 78 3   P C Withers and C R Dickman The role of diet in determining water, energy and salt intake in the thorny devil Moloch horridus (Lacertilia: Agamidae)
1 78 13   N N Smirnov and I A E Bayly New records and further desciption of Macrothrix hardingi Petkovski (Cladocera) from granite pools in Western Australia
1 78 15   M Abensperg-Traun and D H Perry Preliminary observations on termite diversity in native Banksia woodland and exotic pine Pinus pinaster plantations
1 78 19   1994-1995 and Index of Interests Membership of the Royal Society of Western Australia
2 78 29   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1995)
2 78 33   R G Doupé and P Horwitz The value of macroinvertebrate assemblages for determining priorities in wetland rehabilitation: A case study from Lake Toolibin, Western Australia
2 78 39   J E Glover, R J Davey and C E Dortch An Upper Cretaceous chert nodule, apparently marine ballast, from Princess Royal Harbour, Western Australia
2 78 43   W F Humphreys, S M Awramik and M H P Jebb Freshwater biogenic tufa dams in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea
3 78 55   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1995)
3 78 57   G J Retallack An early Triassic fossil flora from Culvida Soak, Canning Basin, Western Australia
3 78 67   V Semeniuk New Pleistocene and Holocene stratigraphic units in the Yalgorup Plain area, southern Swan Coastal Plain
3 78 81   L J McCook, D W Klumpp & A D McKinnon Seagrass communities in Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia: A preliminary survey
4 78 89   Anonymous The Royal Society of Western Australia Medallist 1995 - Professor Albert R Main
4 78 90   Anonymous The Royal Society of Western Australia Medal Recipients
4 78 91   A R Main The study of nature – A seamless tapestry: Royal Society Medallist's Lecture for 1995
4 78 99   D S Ryder & P Horwitz Diurnal stratification of Lake Jandabup, a coloured wetland on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia
4 78 103   P C Withers & S J Richards Cocoon formation by the treefrog Litoria alboguttata (Amphibia: Hylidae): A ‘waterproof’ taxonomic tool?
4 78 107   G G Thompson Foraging patterns and behaviours, body postures and movement speed for goannas, Varanus gouldii (Reptilia: Varanidae), in a semi-urban environment
1 79 1   H S Peiser Science to de Laeter: What now comes later
1 79 5   E L Garner High-accuracy mass spectrophotometry for isotopic abundances
1 79 11   P De Bièvre Ultra-high acccuracy isotopic measurements: Avogadro’s constant is up!
1 79 21   N E Holden Atomic weights: From a constant of nature to natural variations
1 79 27   S W J Clement Ion optical design for mass spectrometers.
1 79 29   J R Moody Clean laboratories: Past, present and future.
1 79 33   A W R Bevan Meteorites recovered from Australia.
1 79 43   T R Ireland Isotopic anomalies in extraterrestrial grains.
1 79 51   M Ebihara Solar and solar system abundances of the elements.
1 79 59   S R Taylor Origin of the terrestrial planets and the moon. 
1 79 67   O Jentsch & L Schultz Cosmogenic noble gases in silicate inclusions of iron meteorites: Effects of bulk composition on elemental production rates.
1 79 73   J W Boldeman Aspects of low energy nuclear fission.
1 79 81   R D Loss Isotopic studies of the Oklo fossil reactors and the feasibility of geological nuclear waste disposal.
1 79 85   D J Rokop, D W Efurd,T M Benjamin, J H Cappis, J W Chamberlin, H Poths & F Roensch Isotopic signatures: An important tool in today’s world.
1 79 91   B L Gulson Stable heavy isotopes in human health.
1 79 97   K J R Rosman & W Chisholm Lead isotopes and pollution history.
1 79 103   J E Delmore, A D Appelhans, J E Olson, T Huett, G S Groenewold, J C Ingram & D A Dahl Surface ionization sources and applications.
1 79 109   W Compston  SHRIMP: Origins, impact and continuing evolution.
1 79 119   R T Pidgeon Zircons: What we need to know.
1 79 123   N J McNaughton & D I Groves A review of Pb-isotope constraints on the genesis of lode-gold deposits in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.
1 79 131   M T McCulloch Isotopic constraints on the age and early differentiation of the Earth.
1 79 141   A F Trendall A tale of two cratons: Speculations on the origin of continents. 
1 79 143   J R de Laeter Neutrinos: Ghosts of creation
2 79 149   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1996)
2 79 153   Anonymous Installation of Professor Michael Jones as the new President of the Royal Society of Western Australia. His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery, AC MC, Governor of Western Australia
2 79 155   P M Davies & J A K Lane The impact of vegetated buffer zones on water and nutrient flow into Lake Clifton, Western Australia.
2 79 161   L A Smith A new species of Lerista (Lacertilia: Scincidae) from Western Australia: Lerista eupoda.
2 79 165   L A Smith & R E Johnstone Biogeography of the herpetofauna of the Archipelago of the Recherche, Western Australia.
2 79 175   G S Richmond & E L Ghisalberti Population and plant growth studies of six species of Eremophila (Myoporaceae) from central Western Australia.
3 79 183   W A Cowling Plant breeding for stable agriculture: Presidential Address 1994.
3 79 195   G Pianka, E R Pianka & G G Thompson Egg laying by thorny devils (Moloch horridus) under natural conditions in the Great Victoria Desert.
3 79 199   G Masselink Sea breeze activity and its effect on coastal processes near Perth, Western Australia.
3 79 207   A P Thompson A genetic perspective on the specific status of the Western Rock Lobster along the coast of Western Australia – Panulirus cygnus George 1962 or P. longipes A Milne-Edwardes 1868?
3 79 211   D J Hosken Roost selection by the lesser long-eared bat, Nyctophilus geoffroyi, and the greater long-eared bat, N. major (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Banksia woodlands.
3 79 217   S A Halse, R J Shiel & G B Pearson Waterbirds and aquatic invertebrates of swamps on the Victoria-Bonaparte mudflat, northern Western Australia.
4 79 225   G E Rundle History of conservation reserves in the south-west of Western Australia
4 79 241   N L McKenzie, S D Hopper, G Wardell-Johnson & N Gibson Assessing the conservation reserve system in the Jarrah Forest Bioregion
4 79 249   G Wardell-Johnson & M Williams A floristic survey of the Tingle Mosaic, south-western Australia: applications in land use planning and management
4 79 277   Barbara York Main Terrestrial invertebrates in south-west Australian forests: the role of relict species and habitats in reserve design
4 79 281   K M Trayler, J A Davis, P Horwitz & D Morgan Aquatic fauna of the Warren Bioregion, south-west Western Australia: does reservation guarantee preservation?
4 79 293   R J Hobbs Ecosystem dynamics and management in relation to conservation in forest systems
4 79 301   A R Main Forests reservations: an overview
1 80 1   A F Pearce & C Pattiaratchi Applications of satellite remote sensing to the marine environment in Western Australia
1 80 15   R C G Smith Applications of satellite remote sensing for mapping and monitoring land surface processes in Western Australia
1 80 29   R C G Smith & A F Pearce A bibliography of research into satellite remote sensing of land, sea and atmosphere conducted in Western Australia
2 80 41   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1997)
2 80 47   KA Shepherd, GW Wardell-Johnson, WA Loneragan & DT Bell Diet of herbivorous marsupials in a Eucalyptus marginata forest and their impact on the understorey vegetation
2 80 55   JM Wann & DT Bell Dietary preferences of the black-gloved wallaby (Macropus irma) and the western grey kangaroo (M. fuliginosus) in Whiteman Park, Perth, Western Australia
2 80 63   J Phillips & P Lavery Waychinicup Estuary, Western Australia: the influence of freshwater inputs on the benthic flora and fauna
2 80 73   N Gibson, GJ Keighery & BJ Keighery Contributions of N H Speck to the biogeography of Proteaceae in Western Australia
3 80 87   J S Myers Geology of granite
3 80 101   E M Campbell Granite landforms
3 80 113   B York Main Granite outcrops: A collective ecosystem
3 80 123   R Wyatt Reproductive ecology of granite outcrop plants from the south-eastern United States
3 80 131   M A Mares The geobiological interface: Granitic outcrops as a selective force in mammalian evolution
3 80 141   S D Hopper, A P Brown & N G Marchant Plants of Western Australian granite outcrops
3 80 159   P C Withers & D H Edward Terrestrial fauna of granite outcrops in Western Australia
3 80 167   I A E Bayly Invertebrates of temporary waters in gnammas on granite outcrops in Western Australia
3 80 173   P Bindon Aboriginal people and granite domes 
3 80 181   I A F Laing & E J Hauck Water harvesting from granite outcrops in Western Australia
3 80 185   A R Main Management of granite rocks
3 80 189   J Beard Geography, environment and flora of Mt Mulanje, Central Africa
3 80 193   S Porembski, R Seine & W Barthlott Inselberg vegetation and the biodiversity of granite outcrops
3 80 201   P J Pigott & L W Sage Remnant vegetation, priority flora and weed invasions at Yilliminning Rock
3 80 209   J E D Fox Why is Santalum spicatum common near granite rocks?
3 80 221   J D Bussell & S H James Rocks as museums of evolutionary processes
3 80 231   A I Doronilla & J E D Fox The ant communities of Sanford Rock Nature Reserve, Westonia, Western Australia
3 80 235   J T Hunter Acacia williamsiana (Fabaceae: Juliflorae): A new granitic outcrop species from northern New South Wales
4 80 239   E P Hodgkin History and management of Culham Inlet, a coastal salt lake in south-western Australia.
4 80 249   N G Jablonski & S Bowdler Pre-contact human skeletal remains from Useless Loop, Western Australia.
4 80 255   K McMahon, E Young, S Montgomery, J Cosgrove, J Wilshaw & D Walker Status of a shallow seagrass system, Geographe Bay, southwestern Australia.
4 80 263   D W Haig Foraminifera from Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia.
4 80 281   R A Tassone & J D Majer Abundance of arthropods in tree canopies of Banksia woodland on the Swan Coastal Plain.
4 80 287   E P Hodgkin & A J McComb The Royal Society of Western Australia Medallists 1997 - Dr Ernest Hodgkin and Dr Arthur McComb
4 80 289   Anonymous Obituaries: William Harold Cleverly 1917-1997, Brian John Grieve 1907-1997, and Clee F J Jenkins 1908-1997
1 81 1   P C Withers A brief history of the Journals, Crests, Medal and Seal of the Royal Society of Western Australia and previous Societies, 1897-1997
1 81 5   P C Withers Officers and Councils of the Royal Society of Western Australia and previous Societies, 1897-1997
1 81 13   P C Withers The Royal Society of Western Australia “Kelvin” Medal Recipients 1924–1997
1 81 15   P C Withers A complete bibliography and index of the Journals: 1899-1997
1 81 53   M Triffit Holdings of the Library of the Royal Society of Western Australia
1 81 77   S Griffin & V Semeniuk The role of the Royal Society of Western Australia in the advancement of Science
1 81 85   P C Withers The Royal Society of Western Australia on the World Wide Web
2 81 87   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1998)
2 81 95   N E Pettit, P G Ladd & R H Froend Passive clearing of native vegetation: livestock damage to remnant jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) woodlands in Western Australia.
2 81 107   N Gibson & M N Lyons Flora and vegetation of the Eastern Goldfields Ranges: Part 2 Bremer Range.
2 81 119   N Gibson & M N Lyons Flora and vegetation of the Eastern Goldfields Ranges: Part 3 Parker Range.
2 81 131   M Abensperg-Traun Termites (Isoptera) in Western Australia: present and future directions of ecological research.
3 81 143   R A How Long-term sampling of a herpetofaunal assemblage on an isolated urban bushland remnant, Bold Park, Perth
3 81 149   W J Bailey & T Lebel The mating biology of Phasmodes ranatriformis (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phasmodinae), a mute genus of bushcricket from Western Australia.
3 81 157   J S Beard Position and development history of the central watershed of the Western Shield, Western Australia.
3 81 165   R G Bednarik Microscopic analysis of ‘engraved plaques’ and other objects from Devil’s Lair.
4 81 117   I A E Bayly New species of Calamoecia and Boeckella (freshwater Copepoda: Calanoida from Western Australia.
4 81 183   G A Pianka, E R Pianka & G G Thompson Natural history of thorny devils Moloch horridus (Lacertilia: Agamidae) in the Great Victoria Desert.
4 81 191   M Abensperg-Traun & D H Perry Distribution and characteristics of mound-building termites (Isoptera) in Western Australia.
4 81 201   K P Aplin & M Adams Morphological and genetic discrimination of new species and subspecies of gekkonid and scincid lizards (Squamata: Lacertilia) from the Carnarvon Basin region of Western Australia.
4 81 225   E P Hodgkin The future of the estuaries of south-western Australia.
4 81 229   D Bradshaw Obituary: Ernest Pease Hodgkin 1908-1998
1 82 1   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (1999)
1 82 17   I A E Bayly Review of how indigenous people managed for water in desert regions of Australia.
1 82 27   G G Thompson & E R Pianka Reproductive ecology of the black-headed goanna Varanus tristis (Squamata: Varanidae).
1 82 33   C R Twidale, J A Bourne & J R Vidal Romani Bornhardt inselbergs in the Salt River Valley, south of Kellerberrin, Western Australia (with notes on a tesselated pavement in granite and pinnacles in laterite).
2 82 57   J G Taylor & A F Pearce Ningaloo Reef currents: implications for coral spawn dispersal, zooplankton and whale shark abundance.
2 82 67   A S George Seven new species in Acacia section Lycopodiifolia (Mimosaceae).
2 82 75   L A Smith & J Henry Aprasia picturata (Squamata: Pygopodidae), a new legless lizard from the interior of Western Australia.
2 82 79   A Kinnear & P Garnett Water chemistry of the wetlands of the Yellagonga Regional Park, Western Australia.
2 82 88   Anonymous Erratum
3 82 89   W F Humphreys Physico-chemical profile and energy fixation in Bundera Sinkhole, an anchialine remiped habitat in north Western Australia.
3 82 99   W F Humphreys, A Poole, S M Eberhard & D Warren Effects of research diving on the physico-chemical profile of Bundera Sinkhole, an anchialine remiped habitat at Cape Range, Western Australia.
3 82 109   W F Ponder, S A Clark & A C Miller A new genus and two new species of Hydrobiidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda) from south Western Australia.
3 82 121   P R Mawson & D K Coughran Records of sick, injured and dead pinnipeds in Western Australia, 1980-1996.
3 82 129   D A Saunders and I Rowley Obituary: Graeme Talbot Smith 1938-1999
4 82 131   R G Doupé & A J Lymbery Escape of cultured barramundi (Lates calcarifer Bloch) into impoundments of the Ord River system, Western Australia.
4 82 137   W E Featherstone A comparison of gravimetric geoid models over Western Australia, computed using modified forms of Stokes’s integral.
4 82 147   J S Beard Evolution of the river systems of the south-west drainage division, Western Australia.
4 82 165   A C Gifford Clay soil fulgurites in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.
1 83 1   N Gibson, G Keighery and B Keighery. Threatened plant communities of Western Australia. 1. The ironstone communities of the Swan and Scott Coastal Plains.
1 83 13   D Ward and B B Lamont. Probability of grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea preissii) flowering after fire.
1 83 17   S A Halse, G B Pearson, J M McRae and R J Shiel. Monitoring aquatic invertebrates and waterbirds at Toolibin and Walbyring Lakes in the Western Australian wheatbelt.
1 83 29   J S Beard Drainage evolution in the Moore-Monger System, Western Australia.
1 83 39   P C Withers and G G Thompson Cocoon formation and metabolic depression by the aestivating hylid frogs Cyclorana australis and Cyclorana cultripes (Amphibia: Hylidae).
1 83 41   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (2000)
1 83 59   Anonymous Note from the Honorary Editor: Notes on …..
1 83 61   A George and W Loneragan Obituary: Norman H Brittan 1920-2000
2 83 65   NE Pettit and RH Froend Regeneration of degraded woodland remnants after relief from livestock grazing.
2 83 75   PK Groom, RH Froend, EM Mattiske and B Koch Myrtaceous shrub species respond to long-term decreasing groundwater levels on the Gnangara Groundwater Mound, northern Swan Coastal Plain.
2 83 83   GJH McCall Tektites – the age paradox controversy revisited.
2 83 93   B York Main Biosystematics of two new species of unusually coloured Australian mygalomorph spiders, Arbanitis (Araneae: Idiopidae), from south-western Australia.
2 83 99   J Dodson Obituary: Joseph Gentilli 1912-2000
3 83 i   PC Withers & SD Hopper Preface
3 83 103   PC Withers Overview of granite outcrops in Western Australia.
3 83 109   NA Campbell, SD Hopper & PA Caccetta Mapping granite outcrops in the Western Australian Wheatbelt using Landsat TM data.
3 83 115   CR Twidale Granite outcrops: their utilisation and conservation.
3 83 123   JA Bourne & CR Twidale Management implications of neotectonic activity at Minnipa Hill, north-western Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.
3 83 127   AS George Cryptogams on granites.
3 83 131   S Porembski The invasibility of tropical granite outcrops (‘inselbergs’) by exotic weeds.
3 83 135   JP Pigott Environmental weeds and granite outcrops: possible solutions in the “too hard basket”?
3 83 139   B York Main Habitat template for invertebrates on granite outcrops.
3 83 149   AM Pinder, SA Halse, RJ Shiel & JM McRae Granite outcrop pools in south-western Australia: foci of diversification and refugia for aquatic invertebrates.
3 83 163   PR Mawson Conservation of native fauna inhabiting granite outcrops — how do you manage it? 
3 83 169   KD Morris The value of granite outcrops for mammal conservation in Western Australia.
3 83 173   SD Hopper Creation of conservation reserves and managing fire on granite outcrops — a case study of Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve in the Western Australian wheatbelt.
3 83 187   D Moncrief Managing tourism and recreation on Wheatbelt granite outcrops.
3 83 197   AR Main Management of granite rocks. 
3 83 201   CR Twidale Workshop: Managing granite landscapes.
3 83 203   KD Morris, J Varley & PC Withers Workshop: Fauna reconstruction.
4 83 i   V Semeniuk & P C Withers Preface
4 83 207   V Semeniuk, T A Semeniuk & J Unno The Leschenault Inlet estuary: an overview
4 83 229   P A S Wurm & V Semeniuk The Leschenault Inlet estuary: physical features and habitats for benthic fauna
4 83 251   A Charteris & D Deeley Hydrodynamics of Leschenault Inlet, Western Australia
4 83 255   V Semeniuk Sedimentology and Holocene stratigraphy of Leschenault Inlet
4 83 275   A J McComb, S Qiu, E I Paling & N A Hill Sediments of Leschenault Inlet: a comparison with other estuaries in south-western Australia
4 83 285   I D Cresswell Ecological significance of freshwater seeps along the western shore of the Leschenault Inlet estuary
4 83 293   L Pen, V Semeniuk and C A Semeniuk Peripheral wetland habitats and vegetation of the Leschenault Inlet estuary
4 83 317   V Semeniuk, C Tauss & J Unno The white mangrove Avicennia marina in the Leschenault Inlet area
4 83 335   V Semeniuk, L A Milne & H Waterhouse Contemporary and sub-recent pollen record for the Leschenault Inlet estuary: towards a palynological baseline
4 83 349   K Hillman, A J McComb, G Bastyan & E Paling Macrophyte abundance and distribution in Leschenault Inlet, an estuarine system in south-western Australia
4 83 357   W Hosja & D M Deeley Plankton dynamics in Leschenault Inlet and comparisons with the Peel-Harvey estuary
4 83 365   S A Revets Foraminifera of Leschenault Inlet
4 83 377   V Semeniuk & P A S Wurm Molluscs of the Leschenault Inlet estuary: their diversity, distribution, and population dynamics
4 83 419   V Semeniuk Mollusc abundance and associations in Leschenault Inlet estuary I D Cresswell, K Malafant &
4 83 429   T A Semeniuk Small benthic Crustacea of the Leschenault Inlet estuary
4 83 443   I C Potter & S de Lestang Biology of the blue swimmer crab Portunus pelagicus in Leschenault Estuary and Koombana Bay, south-western Australia
4 83 459   C G Hass & B Knott Sphaeromatid isopods (Crustacea: Isopoda) from the Leschenault estuary, Collie River and Bunbury Harbour
4 83 463   V Dürr & T A Semeniuk Long-term spatial dynamics of polychaetes in Leschenault Inlet estuary
4 83 475   J Unno Occurrence of Amphipholis squamata (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) in relation to habitat in the Leschenault Inlet estuary
4 83 481   I C Potter, P N Chalmer, D J Tiivel, R A Steckis, M E Platell & R C J Lenanton The fish fauna and finfish fishery of the Leschenault Estuary in south-western Australia
4 83 503   J Raines, K Youngson & J Unno Use of the Leschenault Inlet estuary by waterbirds
1 84 1   Anonymous The Royal Society of Western Australia Medallist 2001 - Dr Phillip Playford
1 84 3   Anonymous The Royal Society of Western Australia Medal Recipients 1924-2001
1 84 5   S A Halse & J M McRae Calamoecia trilobata n sp (Copepoda: Calanoida) from salt lakes in south-western Australia
1 84 13   N C P Evelegh, J D Majer & H F Recher The effects of reducing bird predation on canopy arthropods of marri (Eucalyptus calophylla) saplings on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia
1 84 23   S R Goldberg & C R Bursey Intestinal helminths of seven species of gekkonid lizards (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Western Australia
1 84 29   I A E Bayly Invertebrate occurrence and succession after episodic flooding of a central Australian rock-hole
1 84 33   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (2001)
2 84 53   F J Obbens, R W Davis & L W Sage Vegetation, flora and recommendations for conservation management of Jingaring Nature Reserve: A “botanical gem” in the Western Australian wheat-belt.
2 84 63   P K Groom, R H Froend, E M Mattiske & R P Gurner Long-tern changes in vigour and distribution of Banksia and Melaleuca overstorey species on the Swan Coastal Plain.
2 84 71   N Gibson & M N Lyons Flora and vegetation of the Eastern Goldfields Ranges: Part 4. Highclere Hills.
2 84 83   L M Broadhurst & B H Tan Floral biology of the Western Australian endemic 'yellow bells', Geleznowia verrucosa Turcz (Rutaceae).
2 84 95   Anonymous Botanical Holdings of the Library of the Royal Society of Western Australia
3 84 97   J Wege Corolla venation in Stylidiaceae.
3 84 103   A Cochrane, K Brown, S Cunneen and A Kelly Variation in seed production and germination in 22 rare and threatened Western Australian Verticordia (Myrtaceae).
3 84 111   E A Sinclair Microgeographic variation in two relict island populations of the quokka, Setonix brachyurus (Macropodidae: Marsupialia), assessed by allozyme electrophoresis.
3 84 117   N Gibson Decline of the riverine trees of the Harvey River delta following the opening of the Dawesville Channel.
3 84 119   G R Zosky A method for measuring the ECG and ventilation rate in bats.
3 84 121   Anonymous Earth Sciences Holdings of the Library of the Royal Society of Western Australia
4 84 129   N Gibson & M N Lyons Flora and vegetation of the Eastern Goldfields ranges: Part 5. Hunt Range, Yendilberin and Watt Hills.
4 84 143   J S Beard The Botanists Diels and Pritzel in Western Australia: A centenary.
4 84 149   A W R Bevan, P J Downes & M Thompson Little Minnie Creek, an L4(S2) ordinary chondritic meteorite from Western Australia.
4 84 153   G G Thompson & S A Thompson Behaviour and spatial ecology of Gilbert’s dragon Lophognathus gilberti (Agamidae: Reptilia).
4 84 159   Anonymous Biological Sciences Holdings of the Library of the Royal Society of Western Australia 
1 85 1   A George The south-western Australian flora in autumn: 2001 Presidential Address. 
1 85 17   JS Beard Palaeogeography and drainage evolution in the Gibson and Great Victoria Deserts, Western Australia.
1 85 31   A Cochrane, K Brown and A Kelly Low temperature and low moisture storage of seed of the endemic Australian genus Eremophila R Br (Myoporaceae).
1 85 37   G S Woodall and C J Robinson Same day plantation establishment of the root hemiparasite sandalwood (Santalum spicatum (R Br) A DC: Santalaceae) and hosts. 
1 85 43   S G Wilson Notes On: A whale shark feeding in association with a school of giant herring at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.
1 85 45   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (2002)
2 85 61   S K Florentine and J E D Fox Morphological and physiological adaptations to waterlogging by Eucalyptus seedlings from the semi-arid Pilbara, Western Australia.
2 85 71   R A How and N K Cooper Terrestrial small mammals of the Abydos Plain in the northeastern Pilbara, Western Australia.
2 85 83   J A Bourne and C R Twidale Morphology and origin of three bornhardt inselbergs near Lake Johnston, Western Australia.
2 85 103   H F Recher and W E Davis Jr Foraging profile of a Salmon Gum woodland avifauna in Western Australia.
3 85 113   B Bowen Opening of the workshop on terrestrial fauna surveys databases
3 85 115   G G Thompson Do we need a terrestrial fauna survey database in Western Australia?
3 85 119   R Teal Importance of accuracy in co-ordination and integration of terrestrial vertebrate fauna survey databases in Western Australia
3 85 123   N L McKenzie & K D Morris Should we have a co-ordinated and integrated database for terrestrial fauna survey data for Western Australia?
3 85 125   M Robertson Co-ordination and integration of terrestrial vertebrate fauna survey databases for Western Australia: The mining industry perspective
3 85 129   L Bisevac & J Majer Cost effectiveness and data-yield of biodiversity surveys
3 85 133   P C Withers Flat and relational structures for a terrestrial vertebrate database
3 85 139   P R Mawson Operational fauna databases within the Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management: Tools for managing rare and threatened species
3 85 143   P F Berry & G Christie Fauna collections databases in the Western Australian Museum
3 85 147   P Gioia Database ownership and access issues: A discussion paper
3 85 151   G G Thompson & P C Withers Summary of the Workshop
4 85 153   J R De Laeter & A F Trendall The oldest rocks: The Western Australian connection
4 85 161   N dos Anjos, J D Majer & A D Loch Occurrence of the eucalypt leaf beetle, Cadmus excrementarius Suffrian (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cryptocephalinae), in Western Australia
4 85 165   C P Elliott & P G Ladd Pollen limitation of fruit set in Western Australian terrestrial orchids
4 85 169   E Rippey, J J Rippey, B Green & J N Dunlop Comparison of the vegetation of the islands in Shoalwater Bay (Rockingham, Western Australia) with that of the coastal bushland
4 85 181   H Y Chan, J E O’Shea, P C Withers & T S Stewart Podocyte complexity and terrestriality in frogs
4 85 183   G G Thompson Obituary: R Dennis King 1942-2002
1 86 1   S A Thompson and G G Thompson. The western bearded dragon, Pogona minor (Squamata: Agamidae): An early lizard coloniser of rehabilitated areas.
1 86 7   E Rippey, M C Hislop and J Dodd. Reassessment of the vascular flora of Rottnest Island.
1 86 25   J C Ellison and S Simmonds Structure and productivity of inland mangrove stands at Lake MacLeod, Western Australia.
1 86 31   P K Groom Groundwater-dependency and water relations of four Myrtaceae shrub species during a prolonged summer drought.
1 86 41   Anonymous Recent Advances in Science in Western Australia (2003)
2 86 49   M E Rippey & R J Hobbs The effects of fire and quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) on the vegetation of Rottnest Island, Western Australia
2 86 83   M T Ladyman & S A Thompson Clutch hydration following oviposition by urination may reduce desiccation in thorny devil (Moloch horridus) eggs
2 86 61   P P de Broekert Stratigraphy and origin of regolith in the East Yornaning catchment, south-western Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
3 86 91   M J Smith and J D Roberts Call repertoire of an Australian treefrog, Litoria adelaidensis (Anura, Hylidae).
3 86 97   T J Lowe, S H Wheeler and L E Twigg Impact of rabbits on native bush remnants.
3 86 107   D W Haig and A J Mory New record of siliceous, marine, later Eocene from Kalbari, Western Australia. 
3 86 115   G G Thompson, S A Thompson and J L Fraser Surface activity of arid-adapted frogs.
4 86 119   B Knott, L Bruce, J Lane, Y Konishi and C Burke Is the salinity of Lake Clifton (Yalgorup National Park) increasing?
4 86 123   L W Sage and J P Pigott Conservation status of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) in Western Australia, including a review of threatened, rare and poorly known species.
4 86 133   M D Craig and A Chapman Effects of short-term drought on the avifauna of Wanjarri Nature Reserve: What do they tell us about drought refugia?
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4 86 143   Obituary: F G W Jones 1914-2003
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