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Discover some of the latest scientific research and achievements by WA scientists.  RSWA organises monthly presentations that provide the opportunity to hear and meet scientists who are leaders in their fields. Topics have covered a spectrum from treetop studies of WA’s wedge-tailed eagles, to telltale signs of ancient mega-tsunamis that hit WA coastal areas, to the plant destroyer that is attacking native species in southwest WA, to the latest developments in protecting the marine ecosystems of the Kimberley region. All are welcome...




The Society honours and encourages outstanding achievement in WA science by regularly making awards.


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Surveying Batavia’s Graveyard

Professor Jeffrey Shragge


New Evidence For Long distance Trade In Fossiliferous Chert Across Southern Australia

Dr Michael O’Leary


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Vice Patron of the RSWA, WA Governor Kerry Sanderson, has extended a welcome to all to attend the WA Government House Open Day on Sunday 15 May 2016 from 11am to 3pm


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